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Mahindra Automobile Current Models and Price List in India

Mahindra is the newest Indian two-wheeler originated automobile company, the company has established in the year 2008. It provides a world class range of scooter and motorbike. If we see the list of top rated automobile company then we will find the name of Mahindra because of its fast service and support. The company has announced approx 5 models include scooter and motorbike. We tried to point out the useful details of all models.

Have a look please:

Mahindra Mojo

Mojo is a newly launched sports motorcycle in the market with unique features. The bike is available in across 20 cities. It is loaded with 300cc with EFI engine. The company offers digital meter,  twin pod headlights for clear visibility, twin exhaust, etc. The company claims a 35 kmpl mileage.

More features are:

  • 300cc Liquid Cooled Engine
  • Upside Down Fork Suspension
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Pirelli Tyres
  • 21 at Fuel Tank
  • Twin Exhaust
  • BMM Eyebrow LED Lights
  • 6-speed gearbox

Mahindra Mojo Ex-showroom Price in New Delhi

Mahindra Gusto 125

After a Gusto 110, the firm has launched a new variant of Gusto with 125cc engine displacement. The company used same features in Gusto 125, which was seen in the previous scooter. It is powered by 125cc 4 Stroke Air Cooled M-TEC Engine, which throw-outs peak power and torque.

Height Adjustable Seat
125cc M-tec Engine
Head Turning Style
Large Tubeless Tyre
Find me Lamp
Remote Flip Key
New Dual Tone color

Mahindra Gusto 125 Ex-showroom Price in Karnataka

Mahindra Gusto 125 VX- 53,680
Mahindra Gusto 125 DX- 50,680


Mahindra Centuro

It is a newly and advanced model of the company and unveiled in the market with cool looks. If we compare with other bikes due to its equipment parts, then it gets a good rank. The Centuro has a friendly engine and displacement is 107. It has 4 gears with wet multiple type clutch. Good handling gives the comfort ride on the city roads. It gives a better mileage of 60 to 70 KMPL and the fuel tank can reserve 12.7 Liter fuel. More features are:

Mahindra Centuro Model

  • Guide me Lamps
  • Front Leg Guard
  • Distance to Empty
  • Pillion Grab Rail
  • Anti-theft Alarm
  • 106.7 cc Petrol Engine
  • 8.5 BHP @ 7,500 RPM Power
  • 8.5 NM @ 5,500 RPM Torque
  • 12.7 Litre Fuel Tank
  • 4 Speed Gear Box

Mahindra Centuro Variants’ Ex-Showroom Price
Mahindra Centuro – Rs. 48,100- 51,100
Mahindra Centuro Rockstar – Rs. 43,000- 45,300
Mahindra Centuro Disk Brake – Rs. 51,300

Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125

It is one of the good looking and stylish scooters and currently it is available in seven colors. You can charge your mobile by its mobile charging service kit. Its features are as below:

Mahindra Rodeo

  • 124.6 cc Petrol Engine
  • Rear Grab Rail
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Longer Platform
  • Telescopic Suspension
  • Under Seat Storage
  • Key Hole Shutter
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Mobile Charger
  • Side Stand Alarm
  • Z-Series Engine
  • 60 KMPL Mileage
  • Click for on road price

Mahindra Rodeo Variants’ Ex-Showroom Price
Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125 Std – Ex-showroom price 47,250/.
Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125 – Ex-showroom price is 49,750 /-.

Mahindra Duro

It is a new version scooter of the company. We can compare it with Kinetic Nova. If you live in municipal cities, then it can be a good option. People purchase it for its graphics and design pattern.

Mahindra Duro

  • Front Storage
  • Body Graphics
  • Rear Grab Rail
  • New Mudguard
  • Under Seat Storage
  • Large Storage
  • Telescopic Suspension
  • Self Start
  • 4 Stroke Engine
  • Dual ORVM
  • 124.6 cc Petrol Engine
  • 8 BHP @ 7,000 RPM Power
  • 9 NM @ 5,500 RPM Torque
  • 6.5 Litre Fuel Tank
  • Gear Less Transmission
  • Rear Brake Lock
  • Big Wheelbase
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Rear Grab Rail
  • Broad Head Lamps

Mahindra Duro Variants’ Ex-Showroom Price
Mahindra Duro DZ – Rs.46,830

Mahindra Gusto

Gusto is a first scooter from Mahindra two wheelers, which comes with unique features like a height-adjustable seat. The firm gives same remote key which has seen a previous Centuro bike. Gusto offers a new guide lamp, it stays on for a few seconds when you turn off the ignition. It is powered by 110cc, 4-stoke with M-TEC technology, which helps to make a smooth ride on the road. More features are:


  • Height – Adjustable Seat
  • High-Performance M-TEC Engine
  • Remote Flip Key
  • Find-me Lamps
  • Guide Lamp
  • Extra Storage
  • Easy Front Kick
  • Tubeless Tyres

Mahindra Gusto Variants Ex-Showroom Price

  • Mahindra Gusto DX- 45,410
  • Mahindra Gusto HX- 47,410
  • Mahindra Gusto VX-49,410
  • Mahindra Gusto VX Special Edition- 49,350

Water fuel bike, can you believe it?

This is an amazing fact that, could you believe that the bike is replaced with fuel to water and goes very smoothly on the road side. And this can be possible with some science inventions which is recently done by the Pakistani engineers. They introduce this unbelievable fact that the motorbike is also run by the water instead of petrol and CNG.

Waqar AhmadAt the time of demonstrating to the Pakistani Parliament and Scientist, Waqar Ahmad personally drives a car which is run with the water. And his one more confession is that the motorcycle is rushing up to 150 km by using only 1 liter of water. Possibly this water motorcycle is launched on this upcoming Independence Day to the nation. This is a technology which is occurring when the “Bonding of hydrogen with distilled water produce a hydrogen gas” and that hydrogen gas is helping to rush a bike like a normal bike which is run with the help of fuel or CNG.

Innovations are continuously recognized firstly, the fuel bike was developed in the decades. Secondly, electric Yo bykes take place instead of fuel motorcycles and the last but not the least water byke is ready to launch. That means the engineer has increased the technology rates more faster day by day and soon we have three alternates to ride a motorcycle.

putting water in bike fuel tankAfter this wonderful launch things might be changed around us and it is possible that the rates of petrol will go down. So, the people immediately go to purchase this new invention.