TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS VS Bajaj Pulsar 180

The TVS RTR 180 ABS and Pulsar 180 are the only bikes from the companies that are built on the same engine. Both the motorcycles are known by its performance and looks. The Apache RTR 180 ABS is here to give a hard competition to the most popular bike, Pulsar 180. Let’s take a round on its profile or specification.

TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS VS Bajaj Pulsar 180

Design and Look

The Apache RTR 180 ABS and Bajaj Pulsar 180 look different, but both the bikes give an aerodynamic look. The built quality of Bajaj Pulsar 180 is very impressive, such as the bike carries a muscular fuel tank, dome shaped headlight with pilot lamps, a little bit fairing. The Pulsar’s 3D emblem adds more finishing in its look. It has a digital instrument console that carries a low battery dial, a low-fuel indicator, and standard speedometer, odometer and trip meters. The partitioned brake lights give a sharp look to the rear section.

Apache RTR 180 Design

The Apache RTR 180 ABS has been designed by keeping racing approach in mind. It has pilot lamps that are integrated with a daytime running LEDs. The golden finish on the front forks, rear suspensions and brake calipers add more beauty in its body profile. The muscular fuel tank is integrated with scoops that add more appealing in its fairing. It has a single unit seat instead of split seat. The engine cowl gives a sporty look to the motorcycle. The instrument console gets a blue backlight along with speedometer and tachometer that sports a carbon fiber finish.

Pulsar 180 Design

Technical Specifications

The Pulsar 180 and Apache RTR 180 ABS are featured with a powerful engine modern technology that gives ultimate fun on the open road. There is a little bit different in the power outputs of the both bikes such as the Pulsar 180 has 178.6cc, four stroke, air-cooled, BS IV and Digital Twin Spark Ignition engine that gives a 17.02 of power at 8,500 RPM and 14.22 Nm of torque at 6,500 RPM, while the Apache RTR 180 ABS houses 177.4 cc and four-stroke, BS IV engine that has a 17.03 BHP of power at 8,500 RPM and 15.5 NM of torque at 6,500 RPM. Both the bikes have five speed gearbox with the same 1 down and 4 up gear pattern. The Pulsar 180 gives a top speed of 125 KMPH, while the Apache RTR 180 ABS has only 124 KMPH. Furthermore, both the models almost have the same fuel economy as 45 KMPL. The Pulsar 180 has the fuel capacity of 15 litre, while the Apache RTR 180 has a fuel capacity of 16 litre. The Pulsar 180 will start giving you a vibrating ride, the moment you reach at the top speed of 90 KMPH while the Apache RTR 180 will let you enjoy its ride on top speed.

The Apache RTR 180 ABS is inspired by the racing series of Apache that gives an excellent throttle response. In terms of performance and mileage, the Apache RTR 180 is more comfortable than Pulsar 180.

Handling and riding:

The Pulsar 180 is the first choice of riders over the Apache RTR 180. The handling of Pulsar 180 is quite comfortable and impressive, such as it has clip on handlebars and split seat that make it more stable on the long ride. The ground clearance of Pulsar 150 is 150mm which is not much impressive. The Pulsar 180 is riding on Double Cradle chassis which is very impressive, but Apache RTR 180 has more strong chassis than Pulsar 180. It has a front and rear disc brake that has excellent stopping power. The bike is featured with a front telescopic, Anti-friction bush suspension and rear five adjustable Nitrox shock absorber that easily absorbs the small holes. The kerb weight of this bike is 147KG that is heavier than Apache RTR 180.

The TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS is an excellent bike then the Pulsar 180, in terms of riding and handling quality. The Apache RTR 180 ABS is built on Double Cradle SynchroSTIFF chassis which has adequate stability than Pulsar 180. The bike is featured with an anti-lock braking system that offers ultimate stopping power. And, it has front telescopic forks, 105mm stroke and rear monotube inverted gas filled shox (MIG) suspension with spin. The overall weight of this bike 139KG that gives smooth riding pleasure.


In terms of performance, ride quality and handling, the Apache RTR 180 is an excellent bike then Pulsar 180. But the price of this bike is higher than the Pulsar 180, such as the Apache RTR 180 ABS is sold on Rs 88,032, while the Pulsar 180 is available in the market at Rs 75,468.



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