Indian Roadmaster vs Honda Goldwing

The Honda Goldwing and Indian Roadmaster are the brand iconic touring machine which packed with a modern technology and a powerful engine. The Honda Company recently unveiled the two variants, first one is Honda Goldwing and the second one is coming with Airbag. The Indian Roadmaster is now ready to give a hard competition to the Goldwing. Have a look the good comparison in a systematic manner.

Goldwing VS Roadmaster


Ergonomics matter for the cruiser motorcycles because it defines the excellent ride quality for the every type of road conditions. If a cruiser bike has good ergonomics then it will not complain any report about its ride quality. The Indian Roadmaster and Honda Goldwing have low seat height and excellent ground clearance, which give a maximum confidence to the riders on the bumpy roads. The Indian Roadmaster has ground clearance of 140mm and seat height is 660mm, while the Honda’s Goldwing gives an excellent ride at 28.5 inches seat height.

Looks and Style:

The Indian Roadmaster and Honda Goldwing have excellent built quality. Really, the manufacturers have given their full efforts to build these iconic motorcycles. Both the models were specially developed for a long journey which are equipped with modern features that feels you more luxurious on the open road. The front section of Indian Roadmaster is very broad that carries a Horizon Power Windscreen, headlights, fog light and even the front fender War Bonnet. It has a unique leg guard that has ever seen on the other touring motorcycles. The big machine has luxury seats that are very comfortable for the rider and passenger. The motorcycle is blessed with a weatherproof storage that is located on both sides of the rear section and behind the passenger seat.

Goldwing 2015 vs indian roadmaster

Likewise, the Honda Goldwing looks different then Roadmaster, but is programmed with dynamic features and powerful technology. It is a fully faired motorcycle that is also featured with twin headlight and an adjustable wind screen that give an aerodynamic look to the motorcycle. The powerful machine also has luxury seats for the rider and passenger, and it also carries luggage box that is located on the both sides of the rear section and behind the passenger seat.

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The Indian Roadstar and Goldwing are featured with a powerful engine and modern technology that provides an incredible power outputs for the long journey. The Indian Roadmaster is powered by an air/oil-cooled 49-degree v-twin engine. The 111 cubic inch Thunderstroke claims to produce 119 lb-ft of torque. Thus, the engine is new for the Indian line-up that makes it very different from the other touring motorcycles.

Likewise, the Honda Goldwing is powered by an 1832cc water-cooled and six-cylinder boxer engine that returns 118 HP of power at 5,500 RPM and 167Nm of torque at 4,000 RPM. Both the motorcycles are programmed by a fuel injection system that gives an excellent performance.


Both the motorcycles are featured with powerful technologies which make your tour luxurious and unforgettable. Such as the Indian Roadmaster is featured with an AM/FM/WB/AUX sound system with a Bluetooth connectivity and you can also connect an iPod and any MP3 device via a USB connection. The Indian Road Master provides a facility of navigation systems that is standard in the motorcycle. Apart from this, the key-less ignition allows you to start the motorcycle with the help of push button.

Likewise, the Honda Goldwing is featured with a central locking system that allows you to lock/unlock the motorcycle, but it is not featured with a key-less ignition. The motorcycle is featured with entertaining components that carries a modern audio system, CM satellite and navigation system that is connected with satellite. The motorcycle has a unique feature that has never seen in the other touring motorcycle such as Airbag.

Handling and Ride Quality:

The Indian Roadmaster and Honda Goldwing have an excellent handling capability that makes your ride comfortable. The Honda Goldwing is blessed with dynamic accessories that make your ride, luxurious such as Horizon Power Windshield, Heated Seats, Heated Grips and adjustable floorboards. Thus, the leather covered seat is specially designed for the touring purposes that provide comfortable sitting position to the riders, while the passenger seat gets an arm rest for the passenger’s comfort. For the excellent stability and rigidity, the motorcycle is built on a cast aluminum frame, which weighs less and is more rigid than a tubular steel frame.

Likewise, the Honda Goldwing has luxurious seats for the rider and passenger, but it is not featured with heated seats, while passenger seat is also featured with arm rests for the passenger’s comfort. Both the motorcycles have disc brakes and anti-lock braking system for a better safety purpose, the front and rear suspension are standard in the both motorcycles.



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