First Journey with My First motorbike that I will never forget

Riding a bike is the most enjoyable thing for bike lovers. But when we take our bikes on the long distance journey it will increase the fun of riding a bike. Everyone remembers the day when they buy their first bike and as we. Also, our first experience of long distance bike ride is unforgivable. I also want to share my experience of first long distance bike journey with you all.

my first motorbikeI was almost 19 years old, that day was May, 24 when I started my journey from Kota to Jaipur. Jaipur is nearly 248 KM from Kota by road. Before I begin my journey, I had checked all the safety precautions that I want to take, like first I took my bike to the service center and serviced it properly, refills its engine oil for better mileage, checked the air pressure of its tyres and finally fill its complete fuel tank. After all these primary checks, next day morning 8 am, I started my journey from Kota to Jaipur.

I had a long way to go, so I did not carry much luggage with me. When I came out from the city the road was bumpy that’s why I was having trouble with riding my bike. After consecutive 35-kilometer ride, I entered in Bundi. It was quite a good place between hills, I stopped my bike for a while so that the engine gets some time for cooling and get ready for the next stop. After the 15 to 20 min. Of stoppage, I had again started my journey. It’s around 9:30 am when I leave Bundi it was the time of summer and because of that the sun was sparking too much and on highway gradual temperature increases and that all troubled me during my ride.

After a 60 KM continuous ride. Some work was going on the highway and the diversions was made due to that diversion I entered in some town its name was Devali. I stopped my bike again for taking some rest and after 20 min. I started my journey again because I don’t about the way to highway I asked someone and he told me the way and I keep moving in ways that person told me and I got out of that town. After riding of 5 to 6 km. I didn’t find the highway and I was totally confused and there was no one there from whom I ask about the way and not even my cell phone catching any signal so that I use GPS Navigation. I thought that I was lost, but I did not stop and moving continuously on that same way after 3 to 4 km I got the highway, at that time I was so happy and relieved.

I stayed four times in my whole journey and at 3 pm I finally reached Jaipur. My whole body was aching but I enjoyed it so much. This was my first long distance bike journey that I will never forget.


About Neha Sharma

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