Water fuel bike, can you believe it?

This is an amazing fact that, could you believe that the bike is replaced with fuel to water and goes very smoothly on the road side. And this can be possible with some science inventions which is recently done by the Pakistani engineers. They introduce this unbelievable fact that the motorbike is also run by the water instead of petrol and CNG.

Waqar AhmadAt the time of demonstrating to the Pakistani Parliament and Scientist, Waqar Ahmad personally drives a car which is run with the water. And his one more confession is that the motorcycle is rushing up to 150 km by using only 1 liter of water. Possibly this water motorcycle is launched on this upcoming Independence Day to the nation. This is a technology which is occurring when the “Bonding of hydrogen with distilled water produce a hydrogen gas” and that hydrogen gas is helping to rush a bike like a normal bike which is run with the help of fuel or CNG.

Innovations are continuously recognized firstly, the fuel bike was developed in the decades. Secondly, electric Yo bykes take place instead of fuel motorcycles and the last but not the least water byke is ready to launch. That means the engineer has increased the technology rates more faster day by day and soon we have three alternates to ride a motorcycle.

putting water in bike fuel tankAfter this wonderful launch things might be changed around us and it is possible that the rates of petrol will go down. So, the people immediately go to purchase this new invention.


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