Top Selling Scooters in November 2016

October 2016 was an interesting month for the Indian two-wheeler industry and a lot of the same enthusiasm has been carried over November 2016 as well with several interesting scooters. One of the most attractive segments in recent times has been the scooter space and this month we saw a little bit of changes in scooter sales report. As the remainder of the every month looks promising, we list down the Top 10 selling scooters in November India that you should watch out for.


Honda Activa once again creates the best selling scooters record in the month of November 2016. It stands at a superlative point where its nearest competitor couldn’t even manage to achieve one-fourth of its total monthly sales.

In the month of November 2016, Honda sold 1,80,811 units of Activa in the country. Whereas the TVS Jupiter cannot match its sale report, it did just enough to reach the second position in the market. With a total of 54,838 deliveries made, the TVS Jupiter finished ahead of the Hero dio, the Maestro, and the Duet by a significant margin.

Created the 3rd place for itself, Hero’s Maestro managed with sales of 26,320 units. Two months ago Hero’s Maestro was in 7th position but since last month it jumped to the third slot in June and July 2016. Hero sold 26,320 units of the Maestro to help it finish third in the best-selling scooters list.

The Hero’s Maestro and Suzuki Access have been neck-to-neck all throughout. At the fourth place with 24,825 units of the Suzuki Access were retailed. It had only 1495 units of difference by Hero’s Maestro. Than Hero’s Duet stood on the 5th position in last month with 16,741 sales units.


Yamaha’s Ray has been an instant hit ever since it was launched and it completed the first half of the table by recording 14,844 units withstood at 6th position. At seventh, 13,383 units of the Honda Dio were retained and separated by a whisker, when comparing as of last month Honda Dio stood on 4th position and now it stood on 7th position. The Yamaha Fasino managed 13,019 in the eight position as last month.

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Aprilia SR 150 vs Honda Activa 125

The trade of automatic scooters is increasing day to day in both domestic market and international market. After the Activa, other two-wheeler companies are trying to manufacture those scooters, which give the comfortable ride, easy handling on pit road. In the market, a number of scooters are available for the buyers between high to low price segments. But we are confused to find the best one. Here is the solution, we took famous scooter Honda Activa 125 and newly launched Aprilia SR150 and try to compare all deep points.

Aprila SR150 VS Activa 125

As we know the name of Activa. It is very popular in the mid segment scooter segment since last 15 years. On 28 April 2014, Honda launched Activa 125 in the market under the 125 scooter segment. But the competitor Aprilia is introduced newly launched scooter named as SR 150 against Activa 125. The Aprilia SR 150 is the first scooter of the Italian brand, which is manufactured in Piaggio India plant at Baramati, Maharashtra.

Let’s check the report below:

Engine: Aprilia SR 150 vs Honda Activa 125

Activa 125 is equipped with 124.9 4-stroke, SI cylinder, which offers outstanding performance and power with air cooled engine. It produces 8.60 BHP of power and 10.12 NM of torque with new HET technology and offers 55 KMPL mileage in a single run.

Aprilia SR 150 And Activa 125 Engine

Whereas the new Aprilia 150 is equipped with 149.4cc SOHC four stroke air cooled engine which develops more power and torque. The company claimed 56 KMPL mileage in the city within a single run.

Design: Aprilia SR 150 vs Honda Activa 125

The design of Activa 125 is quite different to other Honda running scooters. At the front side, the company gives a new V-shaped design, which easily catches mass attraction. For the safe riding, the company loaded 5-spoke alloy wheels which give a robust look. It is best for riding on any type of road condition. The company added stylish and premium Activa 3d emblem logo as well.

Aprilia SR 150 VS Activa 125 Design and Style

The Aprilia SR 150 gets break style twin apron headlight at the front, turn indicators on the handle bar and long and comfortable seat for any type of road condition. And also get the black stylish alloy wheel. Aprilia SR 150 gets red cool graphics and dual seat, they all add an extra star to the looks.

Instrument: Aprilia SR 150 vs Honda Activa 125

The Activa 125 gets attractive and stylish analogue, a digital speedometer which gives all the details you need. On the dashboard, we have seen an analogue speedometer and another is digital fuel meter. Whereas the SR 150 is equipped with a twin pod analogue meter, first is a speedometer and another is fuel gauge and odometer with various tell-tale light.

Aprilia Sr 150 vs Activa 125 Instrument ClusterSimilar: Mahindra Gusto 125 vs Honda Activa 125

Brakes and Suspension: Aprilia SR 150 vs Honda Activa 125

For the safe riding, HMSI has loaded a Drum 130mm/ Disc 190mm at the front side and 130mm drum at the rear in Activa 125. The telescopic suspension at the front and spring loaded hydraulic type at the rear helps to give a smooth and comfortable ride any type of road condition.

Aprilia SR 150 vs Activa 125 Safety

On the other hand, the Aprilia SR 150 is equipped with the 220mm disc at the front and 140mm drum at the rear which helps to give a safe ride on the Indian roads. The telescopic suspension at the front and mono shock unit suspension at the rear help to give a super balance on the Indian pit roads.

Color and Price: Aprilia SR 150  vs Honda Activa 125

The HMSI has decided on Activa 125 ex-showroom price in New Delhi at Rs 56,221 in the stranded version and 60,637 the Deluxe version. The company offers it in four attractive colours like a Rebel Red Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Pearl Amazing White and Black.


Whereas, the Aprilia SR 150 is launched at Rs 65,000 ex-showroom price in Mumbai. It available in White and black colours which are attracting to youngsters.

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